Huertas is a man who delivers magic when it's most needed. PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

Two different moments and two different situations. Both unforgettable. Basketball fans will always remember Michael Jordan and ‘The Shot’ against Cleveland in game five of the first playoff round of 1989, when his buzzer-beating three won the game for the Bulls. Huertas, in Valencia, did much the same thing. Two geniuses that will always be remembered for amazing feats like these.

But it was not the first time that Huertas seemed to be hanging in the air as he scored a match-winning basket in a huge game. One of the greatest moments the Palau has ever seen was in 2012, when he went court-to-court in game one of the ACB Final against Real Madrid, and finished the move with a terrific three-point throw. The fans went crazy. He’d won the match and eventually the league trophy too.

He is the man with the one-footed throws, and whose use of the backboard brings back memories of the great Epi. He’s one of the finest Brazilians ever to grace the game, and he is just the tonic that Barça need as they go into the final series against Real Madrid.

Botó Barça - Madrid

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