Ante Tomic


All this team needed was a little bit of time, and they still need a bit more. But little by little they are looking more and more like a team capable of winning on any court in Spain and Europe. Against Canarias, the Blaugrana showed themselves to be incisive on the attack and solid on defence (87-71). Ante Tomic, who scored 16 points and finished with an overall evaluation of 26 in 21 minutes, was one of the best players on the court. Barça, who have now won five matches in the Liga Endesa, share the top of the table with Real Madrid.

Good sensations

Barça were comfortable from the first minute. It only took the team a couple of minutes to get things rolling. With Pullen, Todorovic and Dorsey in the starting five – first time the three players have lined up from the start this season – Pascual’s team started to dominate as soon as Tomic was subbed in. Later, Abrines and Navarro were also subbed in, a tactical move which strengthened Barça’s lead of over the visiting side. The scoreline at the end of the first quarter was 25 to 17, and 48 to 41 at the end of the half.

Barça run away with the game

The beginning of the second half saw Barça take an insurmountable lead. Led by Navarro and Tomic, the home team rushed to a 10-2 run, which gave Barça a 15-point lead (58-43). The final quarter started with 70-57 on the scoreboard, and Barça managed to maintain their 15-point lead thanks to their solid defence. The 87-71 definitive scoreline leave Barça with a 5-0 record in the Liga. Without a doubt, Barça are very close to their top form.


FCB, 87
Canàries, 71

FC Barcelona: Pullen (3), Huertas (6), Papanikolaou (4), Todorovic (9) i Dorsey (8) –starting five-; Sada (6), Abrines (11), Navarro (11), Hezonja (2), Lampe (11), Nachbar (0), Tomic (16).

CB Canàries: Úriz (7), Richotti (14), Blanco (9), Gutiérrez (2) i Sekulic (11) –starting five-; Bivià (11), Heras (4), Rodríguez (0), Chagoyen (2), Fajardo (4), Rost (5), Sikma (2).


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