Xavi Pascual reached his century in the Euroleague with Barça Regal in Moscow (60-81) last week. In his 100 games at the Barça Regal helm he’s won 80 matches and only lost 20, giving him one of the highest win ratios of any manager with over 50 matches in the Euroleague. Pascual’s winning percentage is better than Messina’s 74.69%, Ivkovic’s 71.33%, Pesic’s 70.69% and Obradovic’s 70.48% - the other four managers with a win rate over 70%.

10th manager with the most wins in the Euroleague

As far as games managed in the European competition, Pascual currently sits in the 13th spot on the all-time list, in addition to being among the all-time Top 10 managers for games won. Ettore Messina, who manages CSKA Moscow, is the manager with the most games and the manager with the most wins in the Euroleague. In his 12 seasons he’s won 183 of his 245 matches in the European competition. Pascual, on the other hand, is just starting his sixth season.

In terms of victories, Pascual is edging closer to the marks set by Repesa (83), Gershon (87), Mahmuti (87), Blatt (88) and Scariolo (93).

It’s worth mentioning that the manager took charge of Barça Regal on February 14 in 2008, he won the Euroleague title in 2010 and he led his team to two Final Four berths (2009 and 2012).

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