Juan Carlos Navarro / PHOTO: ARCHIVE FCB.

The NBA surveyed the general managers of the American league to see who was the best player currently not playing in the NBA. Juan Carlos Navarro, with 36.6% of the overall vote, was named the best player outside of North America. Real Madrid’s Mirotic, with 11.5% of the vote, came in second. The ex-Blaugrana Fran Vázquez and Real Madrid’s Rudy Fernández also received votes.

“It’s a really good for me. I’m very thankful to them. They remember me and they value my work and effort. They respect me,” said Navarro just before this Tuesday’s training session. The Barça Regal captain believes that his spell with the Memphis Grizzlies - in the 2007/08 season - influenced the vote but he also noted that “whenever I play against them with the Spanish national team or in a preseason match, things have worked out for me.”

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