Navarro and Diaw in the quarter-finals / PHOTO: Matteo Marchi - FIBA

The Barça Regal and Spanish national team captain, Juan Carlos Navarro, is now the player that has won the most Olympic matches with the Spanish national team. After the quarter-final victory over France, the Catalan overtook the legendary Juan Antonio San Epifano ‘Epi,’ who up until yesterday was the player with the most Olympic victories for Spain (17). Navarro has now won 18 Olympic matches with Spain with the semi-final still yet to come and, in the event of a Spain win, the basketball final of the London Olympic Games. Besides Epi, there are other players behind the Azulgrana captain like Pau Gasol, with 16 victories, and Nacho Solozábal with 14.

Similar Olympic careers

The current Barça Regal captain and the once FC Barcelona player, Epi, have a lot in common when it comes to international tournaments. Both players participated in four Olympic Games; Navarro played in Sydney ’00, Athens ’04, Beijing ’08 and London ’12. Both players have won a silver medal, but Navarro now has the chance to overtake Epi in the Olympic honours department. Furthermore, Navarro broke Epi’s record of most games won while playing four games less than the now retired legend.

After recovering from his painful plantar fascia injury, Navarro has become a key player in Sergio Scariolo’s team. In Spain’s last match, against France, the Azulgrana guard scored 12 points, making him the second highest scorer of the team behind Marc Gasol.

Players with the most Olympic victories for Spain

1st Navarro 18
2nd Epi 17
3rd Pau, Rudy and Calderón 16
4ht Corbalán, Solozabal and Margall 14

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