Barça Regal claimed victory this Sunday from their match away to CB Canarias in Tenerife. Today’s was the teams 15th win of the season in the Liga Endesa. The men managed by Xavi Pascual dominated most of the match, but in the second quarter Alejandro Martínez’s men took the lead and went to the break with a slight advantage (45-44). In the second half the Catalans fought back to take the win (81-89).


CB Canarias, 81
FCB Regal, 89

CB Canarias: Uriz (5), Richotti (2), Rost (10), Donaldson (9) and Sekulic (21) –starting team-; Guillén (0), Bivià (0), Heras (0), Lampropoulos (13), Blanco (21).

Barça Regal: Huertas (22), Oleson (5), Mickeal (12), Lorbek (9) and Tomic (11) –starting team-; Sada (0), Abrines (5), Jasikevicius (9), Todorovic (0), Wallace (11), Rabaseda (1), Jawai (4).