Barça Regal comfortably defeated Besiktas at the Adbi Ipekçi this evening. The Blaugrana have now won their last eight matches in the European competition. The match, which saw Barça take a significant lead in the second quarter thanks to a 0-13 run, allows Barça to be the only undefeated team in the competition. Mario Hezonja made his debut for the team.

Ingles leads the Blaugrana

Despite missing Navarro and Mickeal, Barça Regal dominated the Turkish side. Joe Ingles put in an inspired performance in the first quarter, he scored 13 of the team’s first 18 points. Barça Regal, on target from the perimeter, struggled to find their big men in the paint: Tomic missed his first shots and Jawai picked up two quick fouls. At the end of the first quarter the scoreboard reflected 14-18 for the visiting side.

0-13 run

The second quarter was when Barça Regal pulled away from their opponents. The Blaugrana notched up 13 points to make it 14-31. Besiktas were obsessed with scoring from the three-point line, but the ball simply wouldn’t go in. Jasikevicius took the reins of the match as he guided Barça Regal to a very comfortable lead. Xavi Pascual sent in Mario Hezonja, Barça Regal B’s star player.

Barça’s advantage grows

The second half wasn’t as exciting as the first. Barça Regal, the superior side by far, continued to build on their lead. The Blaugrana quickly took a 20-point lead before the third quarter was over, in the final quarter they had a 30+ advantage. It was a rout.


Besiktas JK Istanbul, 48
Barça Regal, 78

Besiktas JK Istanbul (14 +10 +14 +10): Akin (9), Guler, Christopher (7), Markota (4), Vidmar (18) (starting five), Falk, Cetin (3), Jerrells (5), Dasic, Hersek (2)

Barça Regal (18 +21 +23 +16): Huertas (7), Ingles (22), Rabaseda, Wallace, Lorbek (2) (starting five), Sada (6), Jasikevicius (8), Todorovic (4), Abrines (5), Jawai (6), Tomic (9), Hezonja (5)

Referees: Christodoulou, Herceg and Bissang

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