Palau Blaugrana. / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

On September 25 members will be able to purchase FC Barcelona Regal season tickets. The available 270 season tickets are for matches played at the Palau Blaugrana. Therefore, members designated with numbers higher than 270 will be automatically placed on the waiting list until the next wave of sales, which opens on October 1. On October 1, members interested in purchasing season tickets must present themselves at the OAB office to sign up for the sales process.

With this season ticket policy, FC Barcelona’s hope is that season ticket holders maximise the chance to watch the team throughout the season. The Club will undertake micro-marketing efforts directed at season ticket holders that were not able to attend matches at the Palau last season. In addition, the Club will employ a ticket sales policy designed to decrease the price of tickets with the objective of improving attendance at the Palau.

Obtaining season tickets for the 2012/13 season

September 25: Fill out online form and note the date and time you are required to present yourself at the OAB office. There are 270 available season tickets:

- Zone 1: 79
- Zone 2: 90
- Zone 3 lower stands: 70
- Zone 3 upper stands: 31
- Total: 270

September 26 at 10.00: Season tickets will be assigned at the OAB office. 10 Club members will be scheduled to be at the office at 10.00.

The online form will account for the first 270 enrolled members, each member will be automatically assigned a day and time that they must be present at the OAB office.

The enrollee number 271 and onward will receive the message: “Tickets sold out, you have been automatically placed on the waiting list.” Members on the waiting list will be processed after the first 270 enrollees have been processed.


Price Basketball 2012/13
Zone 1 318 €
Zone 2 207 €
Zone 3 lower 117 €
Zone 3 upper 78 €
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