Navarro and Sergio Rodríguez in the match at the Palau / PHOTO: Àlex Caparrós - FCB

Barça lost to Real Madrid at the Palau in yesterday’s match, but the Catalans have been in this situation before. Xavi Pascual’s men lost a match at the Palau Blaugrana against Valencia Basket (76-81) in the semifinal playoffs and went on to see off Los Che to qualify for the final of the Liga.

Unfavorable history

This is the ninth time, after 26 seasons with the playoff system, that the final series has been level at one apiece after the first two matches. In the eight previous occasions, the record stands at five victories for the team that did not have home-court advantage, while the champions of the regular season ended up winning only three times.

The last time the reigning champions were in this situation was the Barça Regal team in the 1008/09 season. The Azulgranas returned to the Buesa Arena after having won one match and losing the other at the Palau - Barça ended up winning the title in the fourth match (1-3).

Furthermore, the third match of the series, after a one-all draw after the first two matches, has a very similar story: the home team have gone on to win the third match five times, while the visitors have come away with victory on only three occasions.

Long finals

In a final series level at one game apiece, the series has only been decided twice in four games. The other six finals all went to a fifth and six match. Barça, champions of the regular season, have been in this situation on three occasions, with a record of two victories and one defeat.

In the 1988/89 season, the Azulgranas won the third match of the final series in Madrid and went on to win the title with a 3-2 record. Furthermore, in the 1994/95 season, Barça beat Unicaja in Málaga and took the series to the final game. The last time Barça went into the third game of the final series level on wins with their opponents is the only time the Azulgranas lost the title. It was in the 1999/00 season when Real Madrid secured the ACB crown.

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