After Barça Regal’s brilliant victory in the first match of the semi-finals, Xavi Pascual said he was “very satisfied,” but prudent at the same time. “We played a very complete match, with a lot of rhythm, but we’re only 1-0 up. We have enough experience to know that it’s the same if we win by 1 or 30. You always have to turn the page and think about the next match,” he said.

Pascual praised his men despite their slow start. According to him, “it was not easy to come back from the 0-6 after the games we’ve played.” He added: “we did a good job, we got into the game quickly and, frankly, we were good on defence and offence. We played a good first half and we coasted to victory in the second.” For the manager there were three key aspects to the match: “we were prepared mentally and physically and we were on target.”

More on Sunday

Despite the the scoreline, Pascual highlighted the quality and the persistence of Barça’s rival. “They gave it their all up until the last minute, they are an extremely demanding team. They have the capacity to react and I’m sure it will be difficult on Sunday,” he said. The Barça Regal manager expects a complicated second match: “I think we’ll be able to prepare ourselves well and that we’ll go up against a rival that will make it very hard for us.”

Here are Erazem Lorbek’s post-match reactions:

 “We were very concentrated, everything worked out well. We’re 1-0 up and it’s time to prepare for the next match.

“I’m very pleased that I scored points but the important thing is winning.

“Our game was very fluid against Valencia, they play very well.

“It’s key to win the first two matches of the series.”

Navarro makes it back onto the court

Juan Carlos Navarro was back on the court for 7 minutes in the semi-finals of the ACB and, after the conclusion of the match, Xavi Pascual said that he’s optimistic on the captain’s fitness. “Navarro felt good and we’re very pleased. We’re working on it progressively, he took an important step and if everything goes well he’ll be able to play more minutes on Sunday.”

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