Barça Regal and Unics Kazan during the first phase of the Euroleague / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Panathinaikos, Unics Kazan or Fenerbahçe will be Barça Regal’s rival in the quarterfinals of the Euroleague. The only thing that’s assured is that Emporio Armani, in Group G, has been eliminated, regardless of the outcome of the Top 16 game against Fenerbahçe because the Greeks and Russian’s have the ‘average’ over the Italian side. Fenerbahçe, however, after beating Unics Kazan this Thursday, are the frontrunners for qualification. A victory in Milan in combination with a Panathinaikos victory at Unics Kazan would allow them to go through as the second qualified team, and therefore, be Barça Regal’s rival in the next round. In this case, the other pair-up would be Panathinaikos-Maccabi, last year’s final, with the Greeks gaining the home-court advantage.

Panathinaikos has qualified because they have the ‘average’ over Fenerbahçe. However, a defeat to Obradovic’s men in Kazan would mean the Greeks would go through in the second spot, and therefore, they would be Barça’s rival; it would be a repeat of last year’s quarterfinal matchup. If the Greeks lose, the Turkish team would be eliminated.

Here are all the possible matchups:

Fenerbahçe vicotry + Panathinaikos vicotry= Panathinaikos and Fenerbahçe
Fenerbahçe vicotry + Panathinaikos defeat = Unics Kazan and Panathinaikos
Fenerbahçe defeat +  Panathinaikos vicotry = Panathinaikos and Unics Kazan
Fenerbahçe defeat + Panathinaikos defeat = Unics Kazan and Panathinaikos

Group G


Panathinaikos: 3w and 2d
Unics Kazan: 3w and 2d
EA7 Armani: 2w and 3d
Fenerbahçe: 2w and 3d

Last match

Unics Kazan – Panathinaikos
EA7 Armani – Fenerbahçe

Complete standings

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