Joan Creus in the Palau's press room / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

“This is the most highly valued Liga Endesa title during the four years that I’ve been here, it’s even more important than the one we won in the first year,” said Joan Creus on the latest title won against Real Madrid. “This Liga allows us to end the season on a positive note,” added the technical secretary of Azulgrana basketball.

Tough season, fantastic level of play

Creus highlighted the team’s performance throughout the year. He also did it after the fifth and final match of the Liga Endesa Final series: “the trajectory of the team has been amazing. We only lost five matches in the Liga and in the Euroleague, two. We’ve played in all of the finals. It’s true that we needed to win a title, but I think the team’s trajectory this year has been fantastic.”

Creus believes that the team’s consistency throughout the season is worthy of praise, even if the Liga title had slipped away from Barça Regal in the final game of the series against Madrid: “those that understand that a final can be lost, perfect. If not, then no. If we hadn’t won the title it would not have meant that the team isn’t competitive. Anything can happen in a final... What we’ve achieved in recent years is there for [everyone] to see.” Creus is now focusing on the immediate future of the team.

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