Eidson, contra la Benetton Cantú. FOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB.

Chuck Eidson, Barça Regal’s small forward, scored one of the best dunks in the Euroleague this season. The North America’s dunk, where he flew over Giorgi Sharmandini, Bennet Cantú’s power forward, before he smashed the ball home at the Palau Blaugrana was among the Top 10 dunks of the year in the Euroleauge. The dunk was scored in the first match of the Top 16 round, where Xavi Pascual’s men beat the Italian side 65 to 60.

Teletovic, best dunk of the year

There are other players familiar to Barça Regal fans on the Euroleague’s Top 10 dunk list. For example, The Olympiacos player, Giorgios Papanikolau, scored the second-best dunk of the season. The best one, however, was scored by the Caja Laboral player, Mirza Teletovic. Teletovic, who started his jump three meters out from the basket, literally flew over Bennet Cantú’s Giorgi Sharmadini before slamming the ball down for two points.

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