Caja Laboral semifinal rival in the 2012 Cup

Caja Laboral stands in between Barça Regal and the championship match that could bring the Catalan side their third consecutive Cup title. Caja Laboral is one of the heavyweights of the competition, they beat Lagun Aro GBC after fighting back twice in the last two quarters to overturn Lagun’s 28-38 lead. The Northerners have a history of doing well in the Cup and Barça Regal knows that their next match will be a tough one. The Basques have won four titles since 1999 (1999, 2002, 2004, and 2008), and they’ve lost two finals.

The team managed by Dusko Ivanovic, who has four Cups in this personal trophy cabinet and aspires to equal Aíto García Reneses with a fifth, has a core team of players that have been together for some time after re-signing Pablo Prigioni.

Ones to watch

Mirza Teleovic has stepped up to fill the void left by Tiago Splitter on offence; Fernandao San Emeterio, quality and gritty player is a frequent feature in the starting five; Pau Ribas, Brad Oleson and the irregular Milko Bjelica, all of whom played an excellence quarterfinal, will prove dangerous if left attended by Barça Regal.

League rematch

This season, Barça and Caja Laboral played against each other on Matchday 12 in the league. Caja Laboral won the match (71-60) after a bad first quarter from the Azulgranas. That was the day that Juan Carlos Navarro picked up his injury.

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