Basile with Navarro and Mickael.

FC Barcelona Regal travelled to Istanbul on Wednesday to attempt to maintain their unbeaten European record this season. On their arrival in Istanbul, they were surprised to find that in the same hotel were the Italian team Bennet Cantú, who boast ex-Barça players Gianluca Basile and Denis Marconato amongst their ranks. The Italians were in town to play Fenerbahçe-Ülker - a game they lost 85-83 in extra time.

Lakovic joins in too

After their game, the Barça team met up with their ex-teammates in the hotel and sat around chatting for a while along with another familiar face - Jaka Lakovic, who will be facing Xavi Pascual's team with Galatasaray today – who also wanted to greet his old teammates.

For Basile and Marconato and the Regal players, it was a time to recall old times and catch up on news, as well as the chance to wish each other luck in the competition. Lakovic will be facing his old club for the first time this evening since the Slovenian left after five successful seasons at the Palau.

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