The BARÇA magazine revealed in its number 82 an exceptional finding on the origin of the term 'Barsa', written for the first time in an 'Auca' published in December 1921. Until now, the oldest reference of the appearance of the term was the magazine Xut! In November 1922. The discovery is attributed by the magazine to Nicolás Sanz, president of the Peña Barcelonista Arandina, promoted by himself in 2008, as a result of one of his two passions, the Barça.

The other passion is collecting focused on the history and evolution of his club, which has now given him the satisfaction of identifying the first printed use of one of the essential features of his identity, the proto-term 'Barsa'. A word today so common, used and universally extended, close to a century of life and that has penetrated the heart of the Barcelona fans from Gamper to the last of the newly enrolled fans.

The adventure of collecting "led me to trace old papers on the Internet as we do all those who in one way or another dedicate ourselves to searching for such documents." It was not something planned, rather unexpected when I had this piece of paper in my hands. “After contacting the documentation and museum area of the Club, a process of documentary verification and certification of the date began.

Nicolás emphasizes the contribution of a publication of the time, “Jornada Deportiva”, announcing days before the sale and distribution of the already mentioned Auca. "Afterwards, the use and writing of the term 'Barsa' by expert linguists of Catalonia had to be validated, who in effect corroborated the transcription of the Barcelona's cries of the time using the letter 's' and not with the letter 'ç' as accepted later. "

As a Supporters Club member who has been able to bring such an important novelty to Barcelona`s anthropology, the satisfaction of Nicolás Sanz is second to none. "It is gratifying to be able to participate in the history and feeling of a club like ours from a population as small as Aranda de Duero," says Nicolás (38 years), FC Barcelona member since 2004 and a Supporters Club member since the foundation of the Aranda Supporters Club member in 2008.

"I remember as something dear to us The celebration of the first anniversary after the conquest of the first triple championship and the visit of the Barça's Avi." His “Auca” is available to all members through a QR code printed in the magazine BARÇA from August to September. He does not rule out finding other treasures and one day opening his own Barça Museum in the Aranda de Duero Supporter Club.

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