The Penya Blaugrana Irvine inaugurating its shield / GERMAN PARGA - FCB

On Sunday a dozen members of the Penya Blaugrana Irvine came to Barcelona from Great Britain to inaugurate its coat of arms at door 96. The ceremony was attended by the director of the Supporters Clubs Commission, Manel Torrentallé, and the president of the Supporters Club, John Gemmell. Some members came donning Scottish kilts, traditional male clothing in Scotland.

The FC Barcelona facilities also bore witness to a pair of Supporters Club receptions. The first was held by Manel Torrentallé at the Peña Barcelonista “Gabriel López” de Saint Juery. Some forty Supporters Club members made the trip from France with its president, Jean Saiz, for the historic day at Camp Nou.

Torrentallé also held a reception at the Peña Barcelonista “Taoro del Valle” from Tenerife, which saw fifteen of its members make the trip, including its president, Pedro Ángel Gómez.

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