Imatge corporativa FC Barcelona / FCB

The Board of Directors has appointed the members of the Social Committee and the Supporters Club Committee who, as of now, belong to the organizational structure of the Club.

Their two main tasks are to work with the Board to carry out all projects undertaken from the Social Area, as well as to represent the Club at supporters club social events and activities. Here are the appointed:

Social Committee

Josep M. Barnils – Head Director of the Social Committee

  • Santi Casas
  • Jordi Durà
  • Victor Kuppers
  • Roser Tiana
  • Jaume Carreter
  • Oscar Ferreón
  • Ferran Hernández
  • Santiago Cruylles

Supporters Club Committee

  • Elvira Pou
  • Griselda Soteras
  • Manel Costa
  • Xavier Ilincheta
  • Daniel Sala
  • Manel Torrentallé
  • Cerni Areny
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