Infopenyes changes image

One season more, the FC Barcelona Social Area is making a concerted effort for its information for members and supporters clubs to be clearer and more direct than ever. And so it is that we can now unveil the new infopenyes.

The higher resolution design is more modern and better adapted to today’s requirements. Most infopenyes are now viewed via mobile devices, and the images or parameters are now automatically adapted to any tablet or i-phone.

Adapting to user needs

The new design and programming are just the latest of the many efforts to adapt the Social Area’s services to the needs of FC Barcelona members and supporters clubs.

It has come about as the result of the work done by the Supporters Clubs Council’s Communications and Marketing Commission, which has encouraged different departments at the Club to find ways to improve these areas. Their season-long work was presented to the last plenary meeting of the Supporters Clubs Council last October 17.

Never-ending path

This improvement is just one more step in a constant evolutionary process. There is a whole team within the moment overseeing this progress and seeking new ways of adapting to what the end users, the people who will ultimately make use of the information, require.

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