Camp Nou

FC Barcelona and the City of Barcelona have reached an agreement which will guarantee public transport to and from the Camp Nou for the Spanish Super Cup, the match is scheduled for next Wednesday at 23.00. The agreement stipulates that FC Barcelona will contribute 30,000 euros to subsidise the cost of extending the metro’s operational hours so that fans can use the public transport system to watch the match at the Camp Nou.

The City of Barcelona, through Mayor Xavier Trias, asked the Spanish Federation if the match could be held at a more reasonable time, but the petition was denied. The City and FC Barcelona have worked to find a satisfactory solution, which has resulted in the monetary contribution made by the Club.

FC Barcelona have no part in the designation of kick off times. But given the inconvenience a 23.00 kick off time can have on the Club’s members and fans, FC Barcelona have worked to find a solution to the necessity of having public transport available beyond the established normal hours of operation set by the City of Barcelona.

Mayor Trias thanked FC Barcelona for its sensibility to find a solution to the mobility needs generated by the Spanish Super Cup match and declared that the Club once again has shown its commitment to the city. The City of Barcelona highlights the importance of the agreement and it reiterates the necessity to continue working with all affected parties to address changes in football schedules.

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