Penya Barcelonista Alcalà-Alcossebre's Crest

Prior to FC Barcelona’s amazing performance against Levante, the Penya Barcelonista Alcalà-Alcossebre inaugurated its plaque outside the ground.

Director of the Supporters Clubs Commission FC Barcelona, Elvira Pou, was there to oversee what are always exciting moments for a Barça supporters club, which in this case was represented by its president, Javier Bosch Ferreres. The Penya Barcelonista Alcalà-Alcossebre was granted official status in February 2013, making it one of the youngest clubs in the movement.

And, of course, their happy day ended in equally marvellous fashion as FCB stormed to 7-0 victory and finished the first weekend of Liga action on top of the table.

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