penyes football team and penya barcelonista nova york players

FC Barcelona Penyes Football Team match

On Sunday on pitch number 4 next to the Miniestadi, a combination of players from the U12 and U10 teams of various FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs played their first ever matches against a team representing the PB de Nova York, which has just set up its first youth programme in association with a local club.

The result mattered the least

The games were played in a wonderful spirit between both the players and staff, as well as the parents of both teams. It was a superb advertisement for the beauty of football and how it brings people together.

The results were the least important issue, what mattered was that people from different parts of the world could come together and enjoy playing football together in a splendid example of fair play.

Pau Vilanova, director in chief of the Social Commission, was there to watch the two games, joined by the president of the Agrupació de Futbol de Clubs i Penyes del FC Barcelona, Antoni Sanjuan. Vilanova expressed his admiration for the participants, the quality of the players, and the generally pleasant atmosphere of the day.

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