the delegates of the 30 federations, along with president sandro rosell, vicepresident jordi cardoner and chief director of the social commission pau vilanova

Plenary session family photo / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

The Supporters Clubs Council chose its new president this Saturday, electing unanimously Antoni Guil - previously the spokesperson for the Advisory Council, which has now disappeared and re-emerged as the newly constituted Council, which brings together more than 30 federations.

“We will work for the penyes movement. That’s what we have always done at the Advisory Council and now we will do the same at the Supporters Clubs Council”, according to Antoni Guil.

Thanks to the members

President Sandro Rosell also thanked the penyes for their work and dedication, which has now been recognised with a vote at the Assembly in the new statutes: “we are happy because finally, this year and for the first time it’s been made clear that we are a social movement and in the statutes we have been recognised as having representation in the Asembly forever”, explained Club vice-president Jordi Cardoner.

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