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FC Barcelona, as a member of the alliance to promote universal accessibility, is offering its members and fans the chance to sign the petition in support of the creation of a World Universal Accessibility Day, which will be presented to the United Nations on September 30.

We declare World Universal Accessibility Day aimed at creating a barrier-free world for all. Together we can do it

Anyone who wants to express their support for the cause can do so simply by visiting the following link


The idea behind the manifesto for universal accessibility is to improve people’s quality of living and promote inclusion, enabling anyone with special needs or limitations, including the temporarily or permanently disabled, the elderly and persons with allergies, to get around without barriers.

That’s why this day would be so special, as it is a day for raising awareness and ensuring that everyone is able to access every kind of event or building, regardless of their condition.

The Alliance for Universal Accessibility Day manifesto

FC Barcelona, the FC Barcelona Foundation, Mapp4all Universal Accessibility, Barcelona City Council and Obra Social la Caixa Foundation have set up an alliance intended to improve citizens' quality of life in general and to promote universal accessibility in particular.

The alliance is open to all cities, companies, institutions and individuals that wish to join.

The key objective of this initiative is to propose and establish World Universal Accessibility Day, a global event comprising a series of actions aimed at raising awareness of this crucial issue.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has adopted accessibility as one of its general principles. In this sense, the Convention highlights the importance of accessibility in physical, social, economic and cultural environments, as well as in all matters regarding, health, education, information and communications, thereby ensuring that all those persons with disabilities can make full use of all their human rights and fundamental freedoms.

There can be no doubt that improving the quality of life of persons with any form of disability or need, requires campaigning for accessibility in all possible ways and aspects.

One of the best ways of achieving this is through the use of ICTs (Information and communication technology) in order to promote accessibility and integration into society for all those persons with various forms of disability.

The use of ICTs for this purpose is fully in line with the Convention principles for the following reasons: (i) it makes people equal; (ii) it eliminates discrimination: (iii) it promotes the full and effective participation and inclusion in society; (iv) it guarantees equal opportunities for all; and (v) it encourages respect for diversity and the acceptance of persons with disabilities.

FC Barcelona, the FC Barcelona Foundation, Mapp4all Universal Accessibility, Barcelona City Council and Obra Social ”la Caixa” Foundation have set up an alliance aimed at improving the integration of persons with disabilities, increasing their acceptance in society and promoting equal opportunities.

A series of activities and actions of various types will shortly be launched in order to achieve the objectives described above. We hope that you will all make your contribution, however small, in the fight for universal accessibility.

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