Xavi Llorens says his team are prepared and they know what to do to be victorious

Xavi Llorens feels good about his team and thinks they'll put on a good show on Wednesday / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Women's head coach Xavi Llorens said that "even though the result of the first leg was excellent," the players know how important Wednesday's Champions League match versus Slavia Prague is and believe that they are prepared and will walk away victorious. “If they step up the pressure, we will too. If they don't, we'll be patient." He said the team know what they want to do, but that nothing comes easy in Europe.

Llorens gave some clues as to how they are going to beat their opponent. He explained that "we know how to play quickly and control midfield. We're strong in the back and have height up front." He is confident that Wednesday's match at the Miniestadi will be a good one.

Working on strategy

Ruth Jimenez said the team has their feet on the ground and are aware that this is not the league. "It's going to be demanding," she said. The team are aware of the importance of free-kicks and that they have players who are dynamite at converting those opportunities. Marta Torrejon said it's a "strategy that works" both in the Champions League as well as in the league.

Calling all fans

Both Jimenez and Torrejon wanted to make it clear that they expect the fans to help them out. They emphasized the importance of coming out to celebrate a European match and said they'd do their best to put on a show and chalk up a victory.

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