Adrià Vilanova scored in injury time / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Gabri Garcia’s side picked up three points against the Balearic Islanders of San Francisco in a game in which neither team created many chances but the best team eventually took the goods.

The first half was an uneventful affair, and it took 22 minutes for Pérez to volley the home side’s first chance of the game just wide. Barça had almost all of the possession, and this clearly caused San Francisco to tire, but other than a Matias header shortly before the break, goalmouth action was almost inexistent.

The second half brought much of the same, but in the 70th minute the deadlock was finally broken when Chumi crossed and Enric Franquesa converted to give FCB the lead.

Meanwhile, San Francisco has not had a serious shot on goal in the whole game, and when they finally had one, Andreu Casas produced a fine save. But with just five minutes on the clock, the Mallorcans drew level with a headed goal from Pau.

Barça hadn’t deserved that, and they knew it. In the final minute, a late surge was rewarded when Adrià Vilanova latched onto a long ball and converted a winner that keeps the team fourth in the table, eleven short of top-of-the-table Mallorca.


FC Barcelona: Andreu, Chumi, Eric, Vilanova, Juanma (Rio, min 87), Busquets, Pérez (Mboula, min 65), Tur, Àlex, Matias (Enric Franquesa, min 65) & Theo (Torrents, min 75).

San Francisco: Macià, Fuster, Maldonado, Pajuelo, Pau, Adrián, Carrasco (Oscar, min 74), Jover, Guille (Salamanca, min 65), Alberto (Alemo, min 57) & Roberto (Fran, min 90).

Goals: 1-0, Franquesa (min 70); 1-1 Pau (min 85), 2-1 Adrià Vilanova (min 90)

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