The first weekend of the year saw 108 academy goals spread out between seventeen teams, four women's and thirteen men's teams. From this large number we have selected five which deserve some extra attention. The young players from La Masia leave us with a plethora of great goals on a weekly basis. The goal of the week was scored by U16-U18 player Clàudia Pina. The striker slalomed between opposition defenders, in a way Messi himself would have been proud of, and clinched a 4-3 victory against Espanyol in the Barcelona derby. Barca's Santos Ortiz (U11D),  Carles Pérez (U19A), Enrique Delgado (U19B) and Jorge Alastuey (U14A) weren't far behind and they have also made it into our spectacular Top 5. Enjoy the best goals from the first weekend of 2017 with this video!

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