The U-15 team celebrates the big goal against La Floresta. / PACO LARGO - FCB

The play lasted for 17 seconds and was spectacular. Seven Barça players were involved. Six vertical passes were made and then, the final touch, by 'Miguelete' Ramírez. Splendid. Sensational. Want more adjectives to describe such a goal? Grab your thesaurus.

The goal, which put FC Barcelona's Under-15 team up 1–0 against La Floresta, was recently highlighted as a top youth academy goal by Barça TV. "This goal is the epitome of the Club's model. It is the best example of our DNA," said Cristian Catena, the coach of the U-15 team, which leads their group with 11 wins, 57 goals scored and only 6 against. Even Luis Enrique has offered them praise as example of the good work being done by the youth teams.

From a very young age, FC Barcelona players are instilled with two main ideas which were perfectly reflected in the U-15 team's goal. First, the team that has the ball owns the Game. And second, when youi have the ball, the whole team has fun."

That's what makes the U-15 goal so special. "From the time kids come to our club we do a lot of work to define our offensive identity. We teach them that the goalkeeper is the first one who helps generate superiority, as seen, for example, in this goal," Catena said.

"The goal against La Floresta demonstrates two very important things: the whole team was involved in a clear demonstration of collective play and all the decisions that were made when the players received the ball were correct. Everyone did what they had to do at that moment. That's what lends even more value to this goal," Catena continued.

The coach explained that the goal represents the values instilled in all of the Club's academy teams. "Generosity and confidence inb your teammate. Group confidence is what produces a goal like this in only seven touches. I think all of our coaches can feel proud when all of the work done throughout the week, by the whole club, culminates in a collective goal like this one. It shows that the Club's model is working," he said.

FC Barcelona’s DNA in a goal by fcbarcelona
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