The Under-13 players celebrate a goal in one of their games earlier this season. / FCB ARCHIVE

FC Barcelona’s playing philosophy has been strengthened this season through the outstanding play of the youth teams. And this idea, which has brought so much success to the Club, is nothing more than maintaining possession with play characterised by touch passing and control, creating pressure as a unit, by keeping the lines together on their opponents’ side of the field, recovering balls quickly and always playing vertically to overcome rival defences and finish efficiently and accurately.

Thus far, the results are more than satisfactory. The club’s 11 youth football teams (from U-7 through U-16) have scored 426 goals in 77 played so far this season. That’s an average of 5.5 goals per game, which reinforces the philosophy of offensive play taught at La Masia from an early age.


Youth academy goals
U-16 23 7 3.2
U-15 24 6 4
U-14 52 8 6.5
U-13 19 6 3.1
U-12 A 83 8 10.3
U-12 B
35 8 4.3
U-11 A 53 6 8.8
U-11 B 23 6 3.8
U-10 54 8 6.75
U-9 31 8 3.8
U-8 29 6 4.8
TOTAL 426 77 5.5

The deluge of goals is the result of sacrifice and excellent teamwork. Every player in the FC Barcelona youth academy knows this and that is why all of them feel involved in the success enjoyed by the six La Masia players who, so far this season, are the top scorers in each of their respective categories.

The numbers clearly support the offensive philosophy of the Club’s youth academy:


Top goalscorers
Kun Temenuzhkov U-16 9 0 1.3
Pablo Moreno U-14 28 1 3.5
Pau Ortega U-11 A 13 0 2.2
Roger Coll U-11 B 11 0 1.8
Pol Montesinos U-10 14 0 1.8
Marc Bernal U-9 11 0 1.8
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