Leo Messi and Luis Suárez are enjoying themselves right up until the final day of holiday as they relax the two stars relax together with their families before getting back to work with FC Barcelona. The Argentinian star is recently married and has just extended his contract with the Club until 2021. Luis Suárez posted a video of him and Leo on Instagram which shows how their passion for football is undiminished even when they are on holiday. The two players attempt to head the ball to each other as many times as they can in an idyllic poolside location and they manage 36 passes.

Messi and Suárez have demonstrated more than once how close a friendship they have and it isn’t the first time they have been on holiday together. FC Barcelona’s first team will start preparations for the 2017/18 season on Wednesday when the first players will start arriving back for their medical check-ups and on Thursday they will have their first training session. They will be the first workouts of the Ernesto Valverde era.

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