Neymar Jr steals the show at the Nike Store in Miami on Friday. | FCB

Neymar Jr took over Miami Beach this morning at the presentation of the new Nike Mercurial football shoe and the team's new Nike sersey in the United States, where the team played their first game un the new shirt sponsor—Rakuten—in the 2–1 victory over Juventus last Saturday night.

A young audience of more than 400 packed the Nike Store for the 20-minute event, during which Neymar, who has scored all three of the team's goals this preseason, thanked the fans for coming out and commented on his affection for the city of Miami.

After congratulating the winners of a contest organized by Nike, Neymar went into the store at the Lincoln Road Mall, followed by his most unconditional fans, who scrambled to get pictures of the Barça number 11.

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