Philippe Coutinho's first touches as a Barça player drew a quick succession of oohs and ahhhs from the Camp Nou faithful.

A tsunami of applause had just roared through the Stadium as Andrés Iniesta trotted off the field. Then, a crescendo, as his replacement, the 25-year-old Brazilian boy-wonder entered the field of play.

Barça was already up, 2–0, and in the driver's seat for a berth in the semifinals, but, for a brief instant, everyone took their eyes off the scoreboard and stared, in awe, as the Brazilian maestro combined with Leo Messi for one, two, three rapid, triangulating passes.

Seventy-nine thousand mouths were left agape, incuding the Barça players.

That will always be the moment that encapsulated the day Coutinho made his Barça debut. Check out the video to see that moment, and many others from the day he made his first appearance.

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