There never a dull moment at Barça training sessions, and aside from more traditional exercises, the coaching staff also organise all kinds of activities that are designed to encourage team-work, quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

We’ve got a great one for you in this video. It’s tic-tac-toe (or ‘noughts and crosses’ if you prefer). But with a difference. No pens. No paper. It’s a football pitch with Messi, Piqué and Neymar taking on Iniesta, Sergio and Denis.

As for the rules, well why not watch the video and work out for yourself how the game works and then try it with your friends. It’s simple, requires no special equipment, and gets both the brain and the body working!

The Barça players clearly have some trouble getting the idea the first time they play. But then they go again and the second time round they have clearly worked out some cool strategies. That’s what team-building exercises are all about.

So, which of the two teams wins this unique little game? Again, you’ll get all the answers in the video… Enjoy!

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