While FC Barcelona are up against a test of historic proportions, nobody is counting them out. Despite the four-goal deficit staring them in the face as they get set to host Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League last 16 at Camp Nou — kickoff Wednesday night is at 8.45pm CET — the blaugrana manager, Luis Enrique Martínez stressed two main points at his pre-game press conference.

First, both he and his players, buoyed by back-to-back blowout wins at home, have remained steadfastly optimistic in the final days leading up to the PSG clash. And second, the manager emphasized, Barça, no matter what, would not sacrifice its style in trying to climb out of the sizeable hole they dug themselves three weeks ago in the French capital.

“Tomorrow,” he said, “we have to be true to our style.”

“Despite the score, we are only halfway through. A lot of things can happen in 95 minutes, and hopefully they will be positive.”

Luis Enrique continued: “We have to do a lot of things well, both on attack and defense, and that’s tough against a team like the one we’re facing.”


Here are the highlights of what else the Barça manager had to say at Tuesday’s press conference:

“A lot has happened between the first leg and today, which is no surprise given our busy schedule.”

“We have been playing better, and we have to be optimistic — we have to know what we have to go out and do.”

“We have to score a lot of goals, which we have done plenty of times before. But let’s not get crazy, tomorrow we have nothing to lose and everything to win.”

“At the end of the game the scoreboard will say whether we deserved to go through.”

“We are going through our same routine as always.”

“Managing emotions is paramount in football, even more so with this game.”

“I am certain that at some point we will be close to evening up the score. And when get close, you raise morale, and your opponent starts getting discouraged.”

"Camp Nou needs to be like a pressure cooker, ready to explode from the opening whistle.”

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