Their brows were still dripping beads of sweat. Their hair was dishevelled. Their cheeks were glowing with a rosy hue as their bodies worked hard to expel the internal heat built up throughout the first workout of the day.

Yet Denis Suárez and Munir El Haddadi, two young players who hope to make a splash this pre-season and win as many minutes as possible, were energetic.

“We want to win as many titles as possible,” they both affirmed in separate interviews given to the media on the edge of the training pitch.

Munir expressed his gratitude for the way he has been “helped, taught, and valued” since his very first day with the team.

Suárez was equally appreciative, but of the way he has been accepted into the team, just over three weeks following his return to the Club.

“Things are great in the dressing room,” he said. “I just want to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities I get.”

Check the video for the highlights of what Munir and Suárez had to say.

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