With 2016 about to come to a close, Luis Enrique gives an exclusive interview to Barça TV and the Club’s official media outlets. The Barça coach gives his verdict on the calendar year and looks ahead to 2017 and the challenges lying ahead for his squad in the second half of the campaign.

The coach admits “Barça fans are used to winning” and is optimistic for what remains of the season. “I think we are capable of turning things around,” he says, with regards to the team’s current situation in the league. Furthermore, the boss believes in the team: “We are the ones who play the best football, know what we want and over the season, that should give us our reward.”

During the interview, Luis Enrique takes on all subjects. He reveals that he has “a unique set of players” and that “fans should know that there is more hunger than ever.” On his future, he admitted “this job has a tough side” and that he would have to “look at the next few seasons.” Nevertheless, he maintains he is at “the best team, the best club with the best players.”

As always, Luis Enrique was not short of praise for Leo Messi – “he can do what he wants on the field” – he stated, “there will never be another player like him.”

Don’t miss the extended interview with Barça coach to round off 2016. 

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