Luis Enrique fears that Rafinha's injury could be a bad one / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

"We had the game under control and I believe a different result to this would have been fairer” said Luis Enrique in his press conference after a game where he felt that rather win one point, his team has missed out on two. “I think we played well” he continued. “We created a lot of chances to score considering we were up against a team that keeps it so tight at the back. There will always be things to improve, but I thought it was a fine all-round performance and we deserved to win.”

“We were close to scoring right up until the very last minute and that’s hard to do in Europe” he added. “”We did everything we could to win the game, but Roma were more effective. They did very well in defence and took their ‘non-chance’ to snatch an equaliser.”

Concern for Rafinha

However, Luis Enrique’s main concern right now is the injury suffered by Rafinha in a clash with Nainggolan, after which the Brazilian was withdrawn on a stretcher. “There’s no doubt that that was the worst thing about tonight” he commented. “I’d go as far as to say that I think it affected the pace of the match. We’re waiting on tomorrow’s results, but it doesn’t look good. And that’s really nasty news for us.”

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