Ali Krieger and Ashley Harris were speaking to the Barça TV cameras

While the first team were on tour in the United States, Barça TV was delighted to be able to catch up with two members of the country’s recently crowned World Cup winning team. Defender Ali Krieger and goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris play for the Washington Spirit in the NWSL, and were there to see the Catalans play Chelsea in their third and final friendly on American soil.

“Barça is one of the best teams in the world and we were really happy to be here and watch the game” says Harris. “We don’t often get to see unbelievable clubs play against each other here in the USA. It was an honour to be able to meet some of the players … Just to see the fans chanting ‘Barça’ the entire game, you don’t see that as much in the leagues here. To feel and hear the support from people coming from all over the place to see this game. It’s incredible to be able to just come up the street and see the best players in the world!”

Putting women's football on the map

On what Europe could learn from the women's game in the United States, Krieger comments that “it’s funny because soccer isn’t the most important sport here, but in women’s sports, it’s one of the top sports for our country … US Soccer does such a tremendous job in supporting us and funding our league. And we use our social media to attract fans and popularity. Hopefully that can carry on over to the world and not just our country."

She adds that “we’ve heard that Barça are going to get a pro team and that’s amazing for women’s football. We’re trying to use the momentum from the World Cup to really get the women’s game on the map.”

FC Barcelona US tour: Ali Krieger and Ashlyn... por fcbarcelona
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