Thierry Henry during the interview / FCB

Former FC Barcelona player Thierry Henry has always been passionate when it comes to Barça. The French striker enjoyed a wonderful spell at the club, and especially in the 2008/09 season, when he joined forces with Samuel Eto’o and Leo Messi in an attack that won all six major trophies and wowed the world with some of the finest football ever seen.

He still keeps a close eye on events at the Camp Nou and is thoroughly looking forward to February, when the other club closest to his heart, Arsenal, meet the Catalans in the Champions League.It would be madness if Messi doesn’t win the Ballon d’Or

Speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.com he was particularly gushing with admiration when the name of Leo Messi came up. “All we can do is enjoy what he does” he said. “Because what he’s doing is not normal … We used to say that a player who got 23-25 goals in a season was an incredible striker. But Messi does that in three months”.

Reminiscing about his time in Catalonia, Henry says that “we had incredible players in that team and whenever you didn’t know what to do, you always looked for Messi … I think it would be madness if he doesn’t win the Ballon d’Or. He deserves it because the team won another treble. But what I don’t understand is why Suárez isn’t there.”

Henry also made his prediction for this season’s Champions League. “In a single game, Bayern can win it” he said. “And you have to be careful with PSG too. You never know what might happen but I think Barça can win it again.”

Thierry Henry: "Sometimes I ask myself if Messi... por fcbarcelona
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