Messi, Neymar and Suárez were all over AS Roma on 24 November at Camp Nou. / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

The FC Barcelona Trident, formed by Lionel MessiNeymar Jr. and Luis Suárez, has had an extraordinary run that shows no signs of slowing down. The numbers prove it:

122 goals: Last year, during Barça’s treble season, the trio also made history with a record 122 goals (2.03/game). So far this year they have 39 goals in 21 clashes (1.85/game).

17, 14 and 8: The number of goals scored by Suárez, Neymar and Messi this season, respectively. Not bad considering the Brazilian missed the start of the season and the Argentine was out of action for two months.

Top two scorers in the league: With 12 and 11 goals, Neymar Jr. and Luis Suarez lead the goalscoring classification in La Liga.

26 of 29 League goals: The 23 goals scored by Neymar Jr. and Suarez in the league, plus Leo Messi’s three mean the Trident have scored 26 of Barca’s 29 goals in the La Liga.

Equal to or greater than everyone: The Trident has the same number of goals as Real Madrid and more than every other team in La Liga.

Champions League: All three strikers have scored in the 15/16 Champions League as well. Suárez has five, while Messi and Neymar Jr. have two each. Together, the nine goals equal or exceed the goals scored by 18 of the 32 teams in the group stage.

121 of 156 this year: From 1 January 2015 until today, the Trident has scored 121 of the team’s 156 goals.

43, 39 and 39: Messi is the team’s top scorer in 2015, while Neymar Jr and Luis Suarez have the same number of goals.

More than the major European clubs: The 121 scored by the Trident in 2015 is just one less than Bayern Munich’s 122 and more than the PSG’s 118, Real Madrid’s 110, Manchester City’s 89 and Juventus’s 85.

In all competitions: The Trident has scored in all competitions in 2015. Beyond the League, the Champions League and the Cup, they accounted for two goals in the final of the UEFA Super Cup, and also scored once in the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup. Next up: the FIFA Club World Cup.

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