The 2015 Joan Gamper trophy at Camp Nou was a family affair. / CRISTINA GONZÁLEZ - FCB

The Gamper is always a party, and when it coincides with the first game of the season at the stadium, even more so. Among the loudest fans, hundreds of children who were about to experience his first live experience with the first team. They came from many places and had many flags, but they all shared one thing — their love of Barça. When it was announced, inevitably, that Messi, Neymar and Suárez were to start, the excitement could be felt throughout the stadium.

When the lights went out, Camp Nou shimmered while Manel Vic called out the names of the players. Piqué, Iniesta and the Trident were the most acclaimed, but the first standing ovation of the night went to Luis Enrique and Andrés Iniesta, who spoke to the fans. 

When the game got underway, cries of "Barça" resonated all over the stadium while a band played along to add music to the party. They did the wave.

There was not a single break in the celebration until Neymar scored the first goal of the night — and took it up a notch.

A few minutes later, Messi scored while thousands were getting up to fetch dinner "Who scored? Messi?" many said.

For the rest of the game, what went on out on the pitch was a mere sideshow. Rakitic briefly interrupted the festivities to bring Barça their third, and final, goal of the night. After that, it was back to the party. A party for the culer family.

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