Takashi Inui has won a regular place in the Eibar eleven

On Sunday at 6.15pm CET, Barça host SD Eibar, a side that has got off to fine start this season and where Takashi Inui has been one of the many success stories. The Japanese midfielder, who arrived in the Basque Country from Eintracht Frankfurt, is the most expensive signing in the club’s history. ‘Taka’ as the Eibar fans have come to know him, spoke to www.fcbarcelona.com the day before his first ever trip to the Camp Nou.

Are you excited about visiting the Camp Nou?

I have only ever seen it on TV. Just saying the name is awesome. I can’t wait for the day, to go out on the pitch and play.

I’ve played against Alves before with Japan. He’s probably the best right back in the worldMost Liga teams find it hard to play here and it’s especially tricky for attacking players like yourself.

It’ll be a difficult game, but there’s always a chance. And if there’s only one chance, we’ll try to take it. I’ll be doing everything I can.

Is there any player in particular that you’re looking forward to playing against?

Because of my position, I suppose I’ll be up against Dani Alves. I’ve played against him before with Japan. He’s probably the best right back in the world, an excellent player. But I’ll try to overcome that and do the best I can. I like Neymar Jr a lot too.

Alves and Neymar are your favourite Barça players?

And Messi and Iniesta. I’ve seen a lot of videos of them, especially Iniesta. I base a lot of my game on his moves and I love watching him play.

Messi won’t be in this game and perhaps not Iniesta either. Your team-mate Dani Garcia said in a press conference that you have a better chance of winning if Messi isn’t there. Do you agree?

Of course we can win at the Camp Nou. We are where we are because the players run a lot, nobody is lazy. We help each other and take training very seriously. I’ll try to do my little bit and who knows if we can’t spring a surprise.

Luis Enrique impressed

The Barça manager was asked at his Saturday morning press conference to comment on Takashi Inui, and replied that "he’s a very interesting wide player and he’s got off to a great start this season, as has everyone at Eibar".

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