Luis Suárez scored the first goal of Barça's Champions League campaign / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

“We have to be happy with that” said Luis Suárez as he left the Stadio Olimpico pitch after Barça and AS Roma has opened their Champions League campaigns with a 1-1 draw. “We played well and created loads of chances to score. They scored with a long-range shot and then drew back into defence. We created much more chances but we weren’t able to convert any of them.”

The Roma goal came as something of a shock to the Uruguayan “because they hadn’t created any chances until then … But what bothered me most was the injury to Rafinha. It had an effect on us but we can’t use that as an excuse.” Suárez, who headed Barça's only goal of the evening, was also peeved that the referee didn’t award what he is convinced should have been a penalty. “It seemed clear enough to me” he said. “And the pictures are there to be seen. And then they say that I’m a diver!”

Here are the reactions from some of the other players after the game:

Sergi Roberto

“We were the better team for 90 minutes. We were unlucky with their goal, only one in every 50 shots like that go in. We worked hard. It’s always better to get off to a winning start, but today that wasn’t to be.”

“We like to play with the goalkeeper in an advanced position so he can help with counter attacks, and we are still convinced that that’s the way we need to play. It's just that today we had a bit of bad luck.”

“Rafinha said he felt something go in his knee, but we don’t know anything more than that. We just hope that the test results are as positive as can be so he can be back playing with the team as soon as possible.”

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