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Gillette have announced that Neymar is to be their new ambassador for Latin America. The association was made public at a press event at Camp Nou which looked back at some of the most memorable moment from his successful career so far, focusing on his precision and relating that to the connection between the ambassador and the brand.

Gillette is a leader in the world of men’s grooming and is the official sponsor of the Club in Latin America until 2017, as was announced in October 2014 in an event that also involved Leo Messi.

During his appearance on Monday, Neymar witnessed videos from people who have accompanied him during his career. Amongst those who appeared to say a few words on the star were his idol Pelé and his team mate Adriano.

Neymar is happy to be associated with Gillette and admits to his interest in men’s grooming. “I have always liked looking after myself and creating new styles for myself” he said. “it’s something that gives me confidence, and prepares me for challenges on and off the field. Gillette is a brand that is known for its precision and always looks for the best, something that I look for in my game. I feel honoured to be part of the Gillette team that has historically brought the greats from this sport together.”

Julian Moretti, Gillette marketing manager in Brazil, considers the association with the player a continuation of the tradition of the more than 100 year old brand that forges links with sporting greats. “We believe that precision makes us better every day” he said. “It’s the philosophy that we have been following for more than 110 years to improve our products and bring innovation to our consumers. Neymar communicates this idea in a very real and powerful way. The dedication that he has shown since a young age to improve is something that we can identify with.”

Aside from the advert with their new ambassador, Gillette launched its new video #mejorqueayer (#betterthanyesterday) which revolves around a famous answer given by Neymar in an interview a few years ago and that serves as a central tenet for the promotion of the association. When he was asked if he wanted to be the best in the world, Neymar responded that he would like to better than yesterday every day. Like Neymar, Gillette is also committed to being better every day and they now have the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide with flexball, technology that represents a new way of shaving.

Neymar’s arrival extends Gillette’s team of ambassadors in sport that currently also includes the surfing world champion Gabriel Medina and the king of football himself Pelé.

Statements by Neymar

“I was expecting a lot from this advert and the result is marvellous. It’s an honour to form part of this team of stars.”

“My father has always taught me the phrase ‘better than yesterday’. I have always had that in my mind and I have always believed it.”

“Since the ban in the Copa América I have learned the lesson of not getting involved in silly arguments. I made a mistake and I have to make sure it does not happen again.”

“One of the players who has the quality to play for Barça is Philippe Coutinho.”

“What I look for each season is to be better. This season I want to be better than the last.”

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