Luis Suárez named man of the match against LA Galaxy / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

“I am happy because as the days go by the team is adapting and feeling more confident. Aside from the result, the important things is that we gave a good account of ourselves.” That is how Luis Suárez summed up the victory over LA Galaxy in the first game of the 2015 US Tour.

The Uruguayan was the first goalscorer of the 2015/16 pre-season, opening the scoring just before the break. “It was a move from inside the box. The defender tried to clear the ball, it came back to me and I made it 1-0,” he explained.


“I am happy with the game and with the result, even though we have a lot to improve. The team has been able to do what the coach wanted and I think we will improve as the days go by.”

“I feel good, like at home. From the first day I have felt well received and I feel comfortable with my team mates.”

“I do what the boss asks. I am working every day to get better in a club so great as Barça. I think I can get to where the coach wants.”


“With regards to the injury from last season, I have to say that I feel really good. I have to keep training and improving and look to the next few games.”

José Suárez:

“It’s the first game of the tour and the team were good, very intense. We will see how the next few games go. “

“I am not surprised that so many people have come to see us. Barça generate great passion and they have fans all round the world, I think that’s normal.”

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