Luis Enrique applauds his players from the sideline on Sunday afternoon. / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

"That the team is growing and improving in key areas of the game is obvious," said Luis Enrique following the 3–0 victory over Villarreal. Although there have been clear signs of this improvement, the coach says his team is still not in top form: "The most important thing is to continue improving, but until February and March it doesn’t mean anything."

Here are the highlights of what Luis Enrique had to say on a variety of topics:

On the team:

"I am privileged to have these types of players, who are unique and are focused on a collective goal."

On Neymar:

"We are talking about a one-of-a-kind player, a special player. We have to look at how he does his job."

"After warm-ups we’d be watching what Ronaldinho did. But with Neymar I’d point out, like with all my players, the effort on defence. This helps conquer titles."

On the international break:

"Personally, the break is good, to continue working with those who stay behind. I wish luck to those who are leaving, because they are very important games for the players."

On the Messi injury:

"The most important thing is that he recovers well, but the sooner the better. We are much stronger with him."

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