Luis Enrique issues orders to his players during the game at Arsenal / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Luis Enrique was a happy man after tonight’s game with Arsenal, and who could blame him? 2-0 was a wonderful result in the Champions League first leg at Arsenal, and positions his team very nicely for yet another quarter finals appearance.

Here’s a selection of post-match quotes from the Barça boss:

“I liked the whole game and saw some things that were so good that I didn’t dare make any changes in case they spoiled it.”

“They defended with everyone behind the ball in their own half, but we wore them down and were almost always able to cope with their pressure. That’s what allowed us to top the balance in our favour.”

“People who understand football know that you need a first half like that to get a second half like that as well.”

“Arsenal also tried to create pressure and danger, but we dealt with it well. It is important to know how to play against a team that plays it so tight at the back because they’re also very good on the counter attack, as you could see tonight.”

“I wasn’t surprised to see Arsenal creating so few chances because they’ve got such a top class defence. They tried to do things through Ozil and by moving the ball quick between their lines, with runs from Giroud and Ramsey, and from Walcott in the second half. I think we did a great job out there.”

“Sergio Busquets is ‘Super Busquets’ and unless he’s injured, I don’t take him off. He did take a knock, but he told us he was OK. For us it’s important for the players to be 100% and they know if they are fit to play or not.”

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