Lionel Messi is leading Argentina into the Final of the Copa América. / www.ca2015.com

A year after the huge disappointment that Argentina felt after losing the 2014 World Cup Final in Brazil, Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano and Argentina have been presented the opportunity to redeem themselves in the 2015 Copa America against hosts Chile and fellow FC Barcelona teammate Claudio Bravo after routing Paraguay 6–1 in the semi-finals.

"We scored quickly, which meant that there was more space to operate. When they scored we continued playing the same way. We know that if we play like that we'll have a lot of scoring chances," Messi said following the match.

Argentina had only managed four goals in the entire tournament before the semi-final, and Messi explained why.
"Those were tight games, but we knew that when the first goal went in more would come. We talked about it before the match, about how it was a just a coincidence that the ball wasn0t going in, because we were playing well," said the Argentina captain.

Although Messi didn't score against Paraguay, he was quite decisive with three assists and was involved in all of his team's scoring plays. "Hopefully I can score in the Final, but it really doesn't matter if I score or if one of my teammates does, the most important thing is that we have accomplished our prime objective, which was to qualify for the final. This comes after a World Cup and we have a lot of enthusiasm and desire to win it," Messi said.

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