Neymar scored Barça's sixth goal of the night in the 88th minute. / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona's huge 6–1 victory over Celta at Camp Nou on Sunday night had everyone in a good mood. After the game Neymar spoke on behalf of the trident, which had a hand in every goal. Here's what Neymar had to say:

"Celta are a great team that beat us at Balaídos and also played a great game today."

On the trick-play penalty kick:

"That play had been rehearsed and it was supposed to be for me."

"The most important thing is that the play worked."

On the trident:

"We love each other and our friendship is the most important."

On the team:

"We have to rest to be ready for the coming games."

Jordi Alba

"The team showed patience. Celta Vigo is a team that presses well, are good at one on ones all over the field and they make things tough."

"They had beaten us two of the last three times, which made today's game became a cause for motivation."

"I didn't know anything about the penalty kick. It is not common. Leo always invents things and it went well."

Dani Alves

"For us it was a hard day of work and great for the fans. Celta played risky football: they play tough man to man but always leave one on ones on defence."

"We are on the right path for achieving our objectives and to continue competing."

"On the penalty kick, the guys had talked about it before hand. They had it as an option. And it came off to perfection."

Andrés Iniesta

"My reaction to the penalty was one of surprise because of the way they ran it, but I'm happy it was a goal. You can take them like that too."

"Maybe the play was for Neymar. Personally, I haven't seen them work on that in training, but I am convinced it was planned."

"We are the first ones to try to respect our opponents and the way they play. I do not think that the penalty was disrespectful."

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