Luis Suárez celebrates the game winning goal. / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona took a solid first step in the quarterfinals of the Champions League after winning 2-1 over Atlético Madrid in the first leg played at Camp Nou. Luis Suárez’s two second-half goals were the key to victory.

"We knew from the beginning would be a tough game but the important thing is that we won," he said after the game.

In the 35th minute, Fernando Torres was sent off after being booked for the second time on the evening, a decision Suárez couldn’t avoid talking about.

"The two foul calls were a bit harsh but the expulsion was decisive,” he said.

Suárez was quick to warn that next Wednesday’s return leg at the Calderón will be just as difficult.

"It will be very similar to tonight. But the result forces them to score no matter what if they want to go through."

Andres Iniesta and Rafinha also spoke to the media.

Andres Iniesta

"The result should be satisfying for us. We knew it would be a tough game."

"When Torres scored, Atlético had the game they wanted. They sat back and did not let us create many chances."

"In the second half we did a very good job. We also managed to control the rhythm of the game and we prevented them from getting chances. We were able to react and turn the game around."

"It is normal that they paid for the expulsion of Torres. It’s not the same playing with 10 and it shows on the field. "

"We know we’ll suffer at the Calderón but we have to if we want to stay alive in the Champions League."


"We knew it would be a very difficult game but in the second half we were able to create many more chances."

"We know that the return leg at the Calderón is a difficult game. We’ll play to win as we always do."

"I knew it would be a very intense match but I’ve been training very hard for two months to play matches like these."

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